Looking for a rePaint

Looking for a repaint here in the Phoenix area.I know the sky is the limit for concours type jobs but not for my daily driver. But I don’t want a Maaco or Earl Sheib job either. Any recommendations ? Thanks

You might hang out at some car shows and ask who is doing good work in your area.

Even decent daily driver paint will not be cheap. I’d budget 8-10K depending on what repair & prep is needed and how much you’re willing to do yourself.

Can’t help you with a Phoenix location but here paint work is relatively cheap. I stripped the car of chrome rubber and glass and did the majority of the bodywork and block sanding. The body shop fine tuned my work and did a excellent driver quality job on the car, basecoat clear coat, for their estimate price of $3,000 I thought they deserved more and paid an unasked for and unexpected bonus.

Your best source of this info is other local car enthusiasts. Obviously Jag/Britcar guys — surely there’s a local club. Join it and get to know people. But for paint, you can talk to car guys of all sorts: Hotrods, Porsches, whatever. You can meet them at local shows, if nowhere else.

Are you planning to change the color? You can usually save a lot if you stay with the color you’ve got, assuming it’s original or well done but just old… Also if you are willing to remove/replace trim items.

Bob Frisby, S2 FHC, Boise Idaho

Thanks Geo, I got a couple refs from a car show in Scottsdale and noted them in my IPhone but the notes somehow dissappeared with an update. There’s a Chandler show in a couple months so I’ll check it out. No repairs required but totally inexperienced in prep/sanding…

Hello I live in Chandler. Mine has the original paint in the door jams and inside the hatch back. It was painted back in the 70s (not original color) and although always garaged the paint is showing its age. A few weeks ago I got a rough quote for $8k from a shop close to me at Chandler and Cooper Rd. I have some body work and paint experience and might tackle at least the prep work myself. I am not interested in a concours quality paint job, but would like it to look good.

I have a car that needs a new paint and that was also repainted in another colour, which is still visible inside the engine bay and interior hidden parts (floors, pillars and doors behind the trim, below the dash, trunk area).
My intent is to keep “original” the hidden parts and to repaint the visible parts of the car in that same original colour.
Will you do the same (much cheaper) or will you proceed to a full dismantling and sand everything for a complete repaint? (I know that painting only the exterior may raise issues of paints’ interaction in the areas where the new paint will join the old paint).
Also will you sand down to bare metal?

Have you spoken to any of these fine folks–bet they can help!!


Skene, Thanks for the input. We should get together sometime, I’m near Greenfield/Baseline. My car originally was old english white but was repainted BRG years before I bought it. I plan on keeping it the same with a repaint. Looks from your photo that yours was originally Regency Red ? My last car, a 70 OTS I sold before leaving LA was the same color. Absolutely beautiful when new but the red bleeds out within a couple years which left mine a shade of reddish/purple. I would tackle taking off most of the chhrome/etc but would be hesitant regarding sanding/prep being that I’ve never done it and do not want to make first timer mistakes.

Yes you are not far. I am near Chandler and Cooper. There is another Jag guy on the forums who lives in the Gilbert area. It would be fun to exchange notes. My car was originally gold sand or biscuit (I cannot recall the color name). Now it is maroon, which I do not care for. I don’t have any rust, but do have some filler on the right side between the door and the bulk head from a 2nd owner fender bender. To do it right I think the glass and bonnet will have to be removed. I don’t think the windshield and rear glass have ever been removed on mine. I would like to retain the original paint on the bulk head and jams. Mine still has the factory hand written body number on the bulkhead. I took a body shop class many years ago and did minor body work and painted several cars, which today would be classics. I think I could do most of the prep work for a good paint job. If I could rent a booth I would be tempted to paint it myself. My problem now is finding the time.