Looking for a v12 engine builder in arizona

Hello from Lake Havasu City, AZ. My 1975 XJ12C is suffering from low oil pressure and I fear I will soon need to do something about it. Does anyone have any idea of a good Jag shop in Arizona?IMG_1772%20(1)%20-%20Copy IMG_1775

Did you verify the low engine oil pressure with a direct reading gauge? The original oil pressure gauge is not exactly a precision instrument and it could be reading inaccurately or the sender and/or wiring could be faulty. If in doubt certainly get a second opinion before going for a rebuild.


First, I’d seriously look into the pressure relief valve and see if it’s got an issue.

Have you seen any metal particles in the filter?

please do check pressure with a good mechanical gage!

also im sure there are some very good Jag shops in Phoenix!

if only i was younger and still had my shop, few pix, of my build!

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pix of my 1975 XJ12C , 4 speed manual (sold), big mistake, prices have skyrocketed, whooda thought!1975%20Jag%20XJ12C%20007 .1975%20Jag%20XJ12C%20010 .1975%20Jag%20XJ12C%20018 .

Stupid suggestion: You might try simply torquing the bolt holding the crank damper on to 150 ft-lb. If too loose, sometimes it’ll allow the oil pump – deep in that stack – to slip, not developing full pressure.

Remember there’s a turning hex in the center of the crank pulley. Gotta remove that to torque the bolt underneath.

Thank you to everyone who replied. Good suggestions all. Here are some more recent photos of my coupe. I have added the Asteroid wheels and since changed out the facia for a burled walnut one. New photos soon.

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Truly the best-looking of all the early XJ6 body styles…STILL lust after one!

I’m not sure one can adequately describe the sensation of being in a car with no B pillars with the windows down. You have to experience it.

VERRY nice car !

Thanks, man. I love it!

David A. Judd