Looking for access to fuel level sender on '77 XJ6C

(Mitch in Tac) #1

Quick background: I’m not getting a fuel level reading from the right tank (left ok).
I pulled the right rear wheel to access tank connections, but there isn’t just wires, but also a fuel line.
The new sender from SNG Barret does not have a provision for a fuel line.
I have seen a reference to removing the whole bloody tank to replace a sender at the back of the tank.
If it helps I have Chassis number 2J 53213
Body number 5J 6060

(phillip keeter) #2

The sending unit is in the front of the tank. Not sure what you are referring to when you mention a fuel line at the sender’s position. On my '76C, there is a round piece of sheet metal that is accessed in the aft of the rear wheel well that, when removed, will give you access to the sender unit. I do not remember a fuel line being mated to the sending unit in any way.

(motorcarman) #3

The 1977 XJ Sedans here in North America used a submersible pump. We used to order Chevy Vega pumps as they were cheaper than the Jaguar ones when I worked at independent shops.

1978 MY used ‘L’ Jetronic fuel injection so the 1977 was a ‘one-off’ year for that fuel system.


(Mitch in Tac) #4

Nothing against you guys, but what I was seeing didn’t match with your answers. So, doing more research led me to remove the tail light. And there is what appears to be a sending unit base, complete with clamping ring.
I still have to ensure the tank is empty.
I also did a jumper test; pulled the leads from the unit - jumpered across. Gauge went to full.

(Paul M. Novak) #5

I don’t know much about the Series II XJ6s, particularly the coupes, but I wonder if a prior owner swapped out the original fuel tanks in your car with ones from a Series III car with the fuel quantity senders located at the rear of the tanks. Just a thought


(Mitch in Tac) #6

For anyone else encountering this problem I’m enclosing this:
To quote from XKs Unlimited:

Fuel tank sender XJ-6 Series II to VIN 2T58223 (either tank) - Front mount senders, external fuel pumps.

From 2T 58223 - 2T 69450 submerged pumps, rear mounted sender.

2T 69451 on With fuel injection, one external pump, rear mounted senders.