Looking for alternator pulley

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looking for this alternator pulley minus the big chunk out of the side. Finish doesn’t matter bc I plan on blasting and painting it. Send me a pic of what you have and what you want for it. Thanks.

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I do have the set of 4 double groove pulleys for $125 very good condition if no one else responds. 66ROP36 Do not wish to break up the set

Check with David Boger.com

IMG_3906 IMG_3905 IMG_3904 Hi Steve, I found this guy on the shelf
Let me know if you are still in need
Rick Hartwell

I think I might be good. A member said to take it to a machine shop and weld it up, do I tried it myself and spun it on my bench grinder, then shaped it with files/sandpaper. Seems pretty good to me, but we will see when I fire it up for the first time in a few weeks. Thanks


I might be interested in that pulley. I’d like to build a substitute alternator as a backup for my original S1 4.2 E-type Lucas unit (or use the OEM as backup and run the sub.)



I offered it up to Steve for $40 plus shipping
No response yet
If that works for you let me know

That sounds fine. I wanted to express interest since it seemed like Steve might not need it anymore.



Hi Dave
I can ship the pulley Monday if want to finalize the purchase
PayPal is good

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