Looking for Diff 3.07 for my SII E

I’m planning to upgrade my SII Differential from 3.54 to 3.07. I want to keep my 3.54 as is and rebuild another diff to 3.07. So Im looking for a diff with current ratio of 3.07/3.31/3.54 to work with. If there’s one available - please let me know. I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thanks Dave

as an alternative to a whole new diff…you could contact off road "jeep/ rock crawler builders…see who does their diff rebuilds and ratio changes…they re-set diff ratios all the time…similar differentials…based on Dana… they usually want the “low” ratios…(higher number) so those around 3.07 are removed. It is not that difficult of a ratio swap for those that do it all the time. Nic

Since you want to keep your 3.54 you might contact Dick Maury / Coventry West and ask about a rebuilt 3.058 diff from an (I think) XKS. It is a stronger unit that just drops right in and is very close to the 3.07.

That is what I put in my 69 S2.

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