Looking for duplex manifold plate

Looking for this plate, goes on top of the air cleaner trumpet, 69 Series 2. Found one on Ebay, has the rivet holes in the 4 corners. There is one on Ebay, $18, last resort.
Duplex plate

Is there something wrong with the one you picture? Looks almost right to me.

I didn’t look but would have though ll the usual vendors carried this.

Seems like a good price?

I have an old XK’s catalog. For the 5 degree plate it calls out 16-5022. Here it is for $9 when I search at Moss.

68 E-type FHC

David, thank you so much for finding this. Don’t know why it didn’t come up when I did a search on Moss’s site. Just wanted to see if something was available at less than the $18 ebay offering.

I would have thought so, too. SNG-B,can’t find it under that search term " duplex manifold". Moss price is good, but have to buy more than $10. Could an E possibly need more?. LOL!! Want the rivet version, not the decal.

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If you search for “duplex manifold” on the SNGB site it should come up. They have them. I suspect you’re falling victim to the search filter feature on the SNGB website as I tried searching that term with an S2 4.2 Etype and the search came back empty. I tried it without a model filter and three different items came up, including the one you’re after.

This website feature topic came up in another post earlier today by @davidxk -

@WoodBoatChick On the SNGB site, the part number is ID0045. The notes with the part shows is as being applicable to 1969 and early 1970 models. I imagine that it is also correct for 68s. Unfortunately, it seems that they haven’t listed the part as being applicable to any car at all (E-Type or otherwise) in their database, so if you have configured any default vehicle, it doesn’t show up in a search. Perhaps this is how someone on eBay can sell the part for $18, because they rely on folks not being able to find it on the usual’s web sites…

I have a SNG paper copy too and found it easy in there. Maybe if you are ordering some parts too they will throw one in the same box. I do not remember paying $$ for any of my catalogs but times may have changed.

68 E-type FHC

Thank you for finding it on SNGb… and the reason you cited for my not being able to find it was exactly the issue. I have the plate in my cart… The Spring Work List is growing! :grin: