Looking for early E-Type bonnet

I am in search of an original early E-Type bonnet with welded louvers & flanges. Recently I discovered that the bonnet on my car was replaced with one from a later model. That bonnet was damaged a while ago and I was just getting around to repairing it when I found out that it was a replacement.
I am aware that it will be difficult and expensive to find and restore an early bonnet, (I have spoke with Chuck at Monocoque Metal Works!:grimacing:. ) That said, Chuck is so backlogged that I have some time to find one. If any one knows of one that may be available, or has any leads whatsoever I would be very grateful. Thanks.


(I am aware of one currently available in the UK on eBay but between what he is asking, the unknown condition and the shipping, it seems too risky.)

Why don’t you just modify the one you have by adding the welded louvers


Hi Norman.
I might end up needing to do that but thought I would search for an original first. Also, the welded flanges are difficult to retrofit to a “glued” flange bonnet.

You might try Dr. Michael Mueller: http://muellerjag.com/

Thanks Drew. I will touch base with Dr. Mueller.

Check out our series 2 bonnet we have for sale.

You chances are zero, because a lot, if not most, of the early cars had theirs replaced with later production parts due to accident damage.

Do I remember correctly that the early cars had the chassis or body number stamped into a spot on the bonnet ?

68 E-type FHC

Yes. It was stamped into a brace that bolts to the rear of the bonnet.

Shoot me a message I have an early welded louvre bonnet in my warehouse. It will need repair but it’s the real deal…

Thanks Dan. I just sent you a message.

Are you still looking? I saw one the other day that needs work but I didn’t see any smashing if you are, tell me what to look for. I’m on the central coast of California.

805-481-8025 after 0900

Sounds good. I will give you a call later today or tomorrow. Thanks Michael.