Looking for engine number on XJ-40

Dear Jag lovers,
I am the new owner of a XJ-40 4.0 my grand father bought in 1991 in France. I live in Italy and need (a lot of) informations for the Italian administration to edit the car document under my name… The last one I cannot find is the engine number.
Is there anybody who could explain me or share pictures eventually?
Thank you in advance for your help!
Have a nice day,

On the Block Casting near the distributor.


In case you don’t know what a distributor is, the number is on the left side of the engine, front, at the base of the blue thing with the 6 wires coming out of it :wink:


Thank you for making it non-expert friendly :wink:
Will check tomorrow and let you know.

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Larry is spot on with his description, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words; here are two thousand words worth:

The blue object with 7 wires (counting the center, coil wire) is the distributor.

The engine number will be found in the vicinity of the area to which the arrow points.

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Hi all!
After 30 minutes of motor cleaning and searching near the distributor, nothing.
I checked around and found two numbers a little bit more on the left of the distributor: 7 figures in one spot, and a long serie of 12 numbers and letters… It does not look like what I found on Internet though, which should be of this format: 7G 5311-H (or S or L). Is it correct?
Could the EU versions be a bit different?

I don’t know if you found this online but in case you didn’t:

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Yes, it matches the second one.
For emission spec, I have “N”. So many mysteries around this car, I would not have expected to get an M :smile:

Well, thank you all!
Hope I will get the papers soon (and won’t get my car robbed within 2 weeks - welcome to South Italy :see_no_evil: )

I lived in Trapani and Taormina for a while back in the 1970’s …arrived during the gas crisis and had to park the car til the next day as driving on Sundays was banned!

Banned on Sundays? Sounds so restrictive…
Although we got used to restrictions in the last 2 years :roll_eyes:

To all, thank you again for your help. I am waiting for Jaguar Italy’s confirmation that the number is OK so I can get my spec document🤞

Update: seems like they accepted the numbers. Now they are asking for another information that, again, I could not find.
I will open a separate thread for this topic…
Thank you again for your help!