Looking for information on FHC window trim wood source

I originally purchased the replacement trim for my 120 FHC from C&G Woodcraft. I’m needing some additional pieces, but it appears they’re no longer in business. Is this true, and if so, does anyone have a recommendation for another source of interior wood?

Second this request.

Nick Reeves in U.K. does it all for decades.
He does it as the factory did it.

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Hi Jim and William,
C & G is unfortunately out of business, a real shame since their work was as good as it gets. However I had my FHC wood reveneered and finished by Brad Smith in Ontario and he can make any piece needed. His contact email is Britspcars@gmail.com In fact he just made a complete set for a 120 FHC that he says is available now.

I am a satisfied customer, no association other than that.

Best regards,
Tom Brady

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Great thanks guys, I’m definitely going to need some help on some of the pieces.