Looking for Jaguar specialist in West Sussex

Hi all,
Does anyone know a specialist in West Sussex, UK?
I need to get the lower tensioner replaced soon and would like to know who can do this job in this area.

Not in West Sussex but not a million miles is Surrey Jag Centre in Redhill. Ray and his guys do fine work.

I would imagine that he will recommend replacing uppers and lowers and the guides, too. I believe there is a kit available. That’s what I had done on both my Super V8s.

Thanks, I’ve sent them an email as Redhill is only 40 minutes drive.
The upper tensioner has already been replaced by the previous owner at Winspeed, but never understood why the bottom wasn’t done at the same time. Maybe due to cost.
According to the previous owner, the garage told them that despite the noise, it would be ok in the near future, but I’ll be doing a big driving trip in august and want the car to be running well.

sent them an email
TBH, Ray is a bit old-school. He may take a while to respond to email. Give them a call.

I was there last week and the next slot I could get to have my work done was 22nd July so you’ll need to be quick, I think.

I’ll try tomorrow lunchtime. Making personal calls during my work hours is tricky.
Sent an email to Winspeed (where the previous owner took the car to have the top tensioners done) but they are fully booked until end of September, so they recommended Barny Jones in Farnham who will get back to me tomorrow with a quote and a slot.

Got a reply from him and the earliest is in the beginning of August.
Managed to book with Barney Jones in Farnham for the 19th.