Looking for lower airbox for MY88 XJ40

While working on my friend’s XJ40 today I managed to ruin the lower part of the air filter housing because of a backfire in the airbox after spraying starting fluid in there.
Does anyone have a spare lower air filter housing piece for a MY88 car? This is the part that fits onto the front of the mass air meter.

Backfire snapped the corners off the lower air filter housing

Three corners broken off the lower air filter housing

Epoxy, perhaps jb weld, and ingenuity are your friends here.

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Steven - the parts ‘Bible’ lists part no. NBB3500AA for the earlier cars and NBB3500BB for the later cars, so apparently there is some difference, but do you know whether the later part will also work on the earlier cars? I have a spare usable air cleaner (airbox) assembly that fits the '93/'94 MY cars.

Check with Jaguar Heaven, Stockton California who part out Jaguars and sell used parts. Be sure and quote exact year and model when inquiring.

Thanks for the offer Mike but I also have a spare 93-94 lower airbox and the mounting points are vastly different. Also the place where the smaller corrugated hose connects to the underside of the airbox is in a different place that causes an issue with the inner airbox mount.