Looking for my 1st jag

Hi all,

First post after much reading!

I have been checking in with Jag-Lovers for almost 20 years now and it is finally time to acquire my first Jag. The last several months have seen me attending local English car shows, chasing a few cars locally and searching on Craigslist and Kajiji (I am in Victoria).

A few cars have been serious contenders but I missed them due to bad timing.

I am looking for a Series 1 XJ that is a driver, not a show car, and I am open to modifications, including lumps.

Anything in the Pacific Northwest is ideal and I will consider cars in California as well.

So… any early XJ’s out there that need a new home? Any suggestions on where to look?

Thanks in advance,


for sale , maybe fit your plans?

.DSCN8784 .

Isn’t that a xjs? I thought he was looking for a SI in driveable condition. I understand that wish, I like the SI the most as well, but the more original the better. Lump if it means saving it and the body is fine, but they often mean trouble when troubleshooting.
Keep looking for a good example and the right one will pop up one day. Good luck!


Thanks for the quick replies! That xjs looks very serious!

Yes, I am looking for a S1 xj Sedan.

Original would be nice but they seem to be few and far between. In my search I have found more “running” lumps. Most of the original cars are not running and in various states of neglect.



Jordan …

s1 is a disease …without care…

However i absolutly love…and like a wife make me crazy but i love it!


Darn to late,had this1975 ,XJ12C coupe V12 , with ultra RARE 4 speed manual trans, real spline drive wire 17" wheels ,two ear knock offs!
must have been valuable , sold in 3 days online, guy in Maui Hawaii , eagerly wired money overnight.
me at that time not interested in XJ,s, sold it for $6500. US , sometimes you win, some times you stupid !

that XJS is special also , RHD modded from a coupe to Cabrio folding top, by (Aston Martin around 1980/82) ,sent to US around 1st of 1986.
i finished mod into a Roadster 2 seater Fl. 1994, very good remarks at car shows etc. even from Muscle car and Jag people!
ron1975%20Jag%20XJ12C%20003 1975%20Jag%20XJ12C%20007 .1975%20Jag%20XJ12C%20010 .

almost forgot, also had a 1982 XJ6, sold it for $3500. bucks ,run great but had its share of rust, also factory stock to me seemed ordinary, not special!
No pix sorry! i like rare /special cars that no one else has!

That is a series two.
And the 1982 a series three.
Do you have or know of a series one XJ or have something related to share?

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Ouch! I would have bought that in a heart beat.

nothing at this time, if something comes around i’ll let you know!
finally after 25/35 yrs old jags prices are going up!
back 1980/90s i knew a Junkyard owner ,Fl, he said he gets a couple every month ,he just cuts them up and crushes them , but only kept the rear end assemblies , for Hot rodders , he got $75.US for them!

If you’re not familiar with it, Bring a Trailer is worth a look. You can get an idea of some recent auctions and there have been some good series 1 examples in the last year or so with several from one particular seller. As a resident of the Pacific Northwest, I keep an eye out and one turns up infrequently in the Seattle or Portland area, typically in less then desirable condition, but there are few to choose from. I bought mine locally last year the day it was listed and it was a rare find. They do exist though. Good luck!

Thanks Justin,

I had not thought of Bring a Trailer, good idea!

in the end, you will usually save money, and have a much better experience, if you buy a high quality car, that has been owned by an enthusiast, such as Jag Club Members. Some owners are getting a bit older, and sell them.

avoid like the plague any vehicle that has rust

the cost of removing rust and a respray is more than buying a good one in the first place

I have seen such vehicles asking between $A12K to $20k+

Prices seem to have been appreciating for good ones recently