Looking for original trunk carpet pieces from MY88 car

The MY88 car I am working on is missing the piece of carpet that goes on the flat part of the floor of the trunk. This is basically a nearly rectangular piece of carpet that is bound around the edges. Also the piece or carpet that is bound to a board and sits vertically behind the gas tank is water damaged.

Does anyone have any of these pieces from a parts car? I think the pieces would be that same for all model years of cars that do not have the battery in the trunk. I.E. MY88 through MY92 since I think the battery was moved to the trunk for the MY93 and MY94 cars.


Steven …

What color is your carpet ?

The color of the trunk carpets on the XJ40 as far as I know is not related to the color of the carpets in the interior. I “think” the color of all of the truck carpets on the standard XJ40 models is the same grey-ish tan.

I have included a photo below of a close up of this carpet:

Mine are also that grayish color, and my interior is “doeskin”.

Try Jaguar Heaven in Stockton California, they part out a lot of Jaguars including XJ40s.

All the boot trim carpet is WARM CHARCOAL.