Looking for power steering box rebuild shop

I have a 1961 Mk2 with power steering. Its a restoration and I was going to rebuild the steering box myself, but now with so much to do, I’m thinking of sending it off to take that job off my list. Someplace in the US is preferred.
Thanks in advance!

Or has anyone use Advantage Steering for a remanufacture service?

Hi Tim,
I’ve recently used Steer & Gear out of Columbus, Ohio to rebuild the steering box on my '61 Mark IX.
They’ve been in business over 40 years, and they came recommended by a world-class restoration shop that cut their teeth on Jaguars. Here’s the rub… S&G specializes in Detroit iron, as opposed to British cars, but they seemed to do a good job on my Burman box. Too early to tell yet about a leak-free result, because I still need to re-seal my PS pump. BTW, I also left you a PM on the subject.
Best of luck,

Hi Tim,
I had a MK IX box and pump successfully rebuilt bt Walt’s Vintage Jag Works in Blackfoot, Idaho. They have a website online and offer many other hard to find services.

I also had a MK IX steering rocker shaft rechromed back to correct diameter and discussed it in the following thread:

These boxes are a vexing problem to repair but can be done with patience and attention to detail. I have not installed it yet as it is a spare but have full confidence in the repair.

Tom Brady

FYI, I called Vintage Jag and they want $2500 - $3500 depending on condition as the charge by time and materials. Shipping cost is another concern as these puppies ain’t light.
Pat H

I notice that Vintage Jag no longer lists the Mark IX steering box on their website as one of their “stock” rebuilds; they used to have it on there for less than $1K. If they’re now quoting $2,500-$3,500, I translate that to mean “we don’t want your business.” I’m guessing their success rate with Mark IX boxes has not been good, so they’re pricing themselves out of that market. Too bad…

That’s why I went with Steer & Gear, but the jury is still out on whether or not my box will leak when I get it pressured up. Fingers crossed…

Good luck!

I appologize. The quote was for the DG250 tranny not the steering box

After more thought, I’m going to give it a go myself. Two kits for $50 and if it leaks I only have myself to blame. If someone else builds it and it leaks I’ll be pissed.

Hi Pat,
Yes I recall paying around $1000 for the pump and box rebuild. The box is now in one of my MK IX’s and does not leak.

In some cases I believe leakage is from hose connections or the hoses themselves, so worth checking them. Another leak source is the metal tube on the box itself that sometimes gets twisted and cracked if over tightened.

As I stated in my above mentioned prior post, the rocker shaft can be easily removed without disturbing the recirculating balls, this sometimes becomes galled as mine did, and the seal becomes abraded. Pull it out and check that first I suggest.

Tom Brady.