Looking for the location of the antena fuse on an 86 Jaguar xj6

(Mel Rodriguez) #1

The radio antena and interior lights are not working on my 86 Jaguar XJ6 vdp. Looking for the fuse location.


Figure 14.1 of this manual may help,

(Frank Andersen) #3

It’s a bit tricky, Mel…

The download suggested by Jimbo is the ‘famous’ S57 - which is a must have for a variety of electrical work. Download and keep!

However, since (some) interior lights are involved; check both fuse #3 in the main fuse box and fuse 13 in the auxiliary fuse box. There is some model year and market differences. Also, if the antenna motor has been changed; you may find an in-line fuse also in the boot - in which case the interior lights should not be affected…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)