Looking for wheels

(Dzia) #21

I feel it necessary to mention the company that restored my wheels. Their name is TAS Machine and they are located in Laurel, MD. It is a small shop run by 2 brothers. Very professional young men and it was a pleasure doing business with them. There was some confusion about the finish I wanted and they were prompt and kept me informed of progress with pics and delivery times. I highly recommend these guys for those in the D.C. area. I drove 2 hours there and found the half day worth the drive.


(Dzia) #22

Almost time to wrap up this thread. I had the BFG Advantage T/A 225/60/16 V rated tires installed by Martinsautotech.net on Friday. They mounted and road force balanced four. Took the owner about 2.5 hours to get them to an acceptable level.

Put them on the car today and I have to say, there is such an incredible difference in the ride over the 15’s I had on. Right now the tires are at 34 lbs front and rear. Going on a 200 mile trip this coming weekend and I plan on resetting them to the 28 front 26 rear on the return trip.

The tires mounted and balanced were $690.00 for a grand total of $2321.


(Stephen J. Niznik) #23

Much better looking and easier to clean.

(Robert King) #24

Looks great! I have been thinking about getting my Starfish wheels diamond turned and polished.

(Paul) #25

Very nice Gordon. Those 20 spoke style are one of my favorite Jaguar wheels.

(Robert Laughton) #26

Yes, very nice. I have a set of those wheels off a a 6 litre XJ12, but they need refurb’d. I’m going to see how much to have them done. They do suit the car, which is always the biggest issue for me; they have to look right.
16 lattice look good, 16 inch starfish don’t really, 17 inch X300 XJR6 rims have lots of grip but don’t look right to me.


(Dzia) #27

Thank you for the nice comments. I went back and forth over these and the five spoke wheels for weeks. Finally flipped a coin.

Looking forward to seeing how well they perform on the interstate this weekend. Local driving up to 60 has just been remarkable.


(Wayne Canter) #28

Are you using spacers with these wheels.

(Veekay) #29

I’m with you on these wheels and the 5 spokes… I can’t tell which one I prefer!

I recently came across a set of 5 spokes, diamond turned. I ended up buying the set for a bargain I (apparently) couldn’t pass up. The ones on my car are pretty scratched up, but these, although almost perfect, have the clearcoat coming off in sheets. I was thinking about using the scratched up ones for snow tires, since I daily drive my car all year round.

I’ll save the nice looking set for the spring - fall tires…

(Kirbert - author of the Book, former owner of an '83 XJ-S H.E.) #30

Put the back end of the car up on stands and start 'er up. Put it in gear, get the rear wheels turning. Hold some sandpaper against the wheel and polish up all the turned surfaces on the face, leaving the recessed surfaces alone. When done, use a Duplicolor rattlecan to either paint it with the original silvery wheel color followed by a clearcoat, or just apply the clearcoat.

(Dzia) #31

Wayne, I am not using any spacers on these wheels. Direct bolt on with no rubbing lock to lock.

I did take the car for an extended trip this weekend. 95 south from D.C. Area to Richmond. Hit speeds of 85 trying to keep up with traffic. Car purred like a tomcat in a creamery. It felt well planted and steering was very precise. Best thing I’ve done so far to the car.


(Wayne Canter) #32

Were these originally for the XJ saloons Do you remember the offset if they were for the 4 door cars.
I’m meeting with someone to purchase a set of these wheels tomorrow off a 96 VDP the offset is 121
and without researching was curious about the fit. They don’t come up for sale often so I’m buying regardless at 80 for the set. I’ll worry bout the offset later.

these are going on a 88 Cabriolet hope they look as good on it as they do on your facelift car.

(Steve) #33

The turbine wheels are standard OE on the 1995 XJS with the 6.0L V12
ET is +33mm

(Wayne Canter) #34

They must have made two different offsets then because the ones I’m picking up in the morning look identical to the ones Gordon had refurbished and person selling them said they came off VDP and had 121offset. I’ll know for sure tomorrow when I pick them up

(Wayne Canter) #35

Personally I don’t think he knows what he’s talking about but based on looks these are identical to the ones Gordon has. If they were VDP wheels would they not have a different offset

(Kirbert - author of the Book, former owner of an '83 XJ-S H.E.) #36

[sniff, sniff] I smell hogwash! All Jaguar wheels I’ve heard of had offsets in the 27-35mm range. 121 would be ridiculous.

(Steve) #37

Second that!

Look up MNA6113FB


Specified for XJS and XJ

Ofset is +33 mm

(Wayne Canter) #38

I’m with you guys but based on your the pics these are the same wheels. If they were for a VDP would they have had a different offset.
I have seen these wheels on the xjs series cars in pics before. I’m just not crazy bout having to use spacer is the reasoning for my questions.

Edit meant to say seen them on xj series

(Wayne Canter) #39

Just found a chart on line listing the offset for XJ vs XJS wheels XJS listed as 32mm and XJ listed as 33mm so based on that shouldn’t be a problem.

think maybe he was confusing offset with lug pattern. The lug pattern was listed as 120.65 probably where he came up with the 121 number

(Veekay) #40

$80 for the set…damn, that’s stealing them!