Looking for windshield 1992 coupe!


I need help in finding a windshield for a jaguar xjs 1992 coupe. I’m in Canada.


In USA I think it is Safelite that has franchise outfits that feature mobile installations. Canada ?

If in Ontario, One cud have come over. Now, I dunno, the covid thing…


I looked for one for 95 coupe. To include Safelite. All I can say is Good Luck. If you find a source please report back

True, it’s in Quebec btw. I will give them a call. I did found some in North California not even 5 min ago, I’m trying to see how much would it be for shipping.

I have numerous OEM windscreens. The drawback is packaging and S & H. If you can’t find anything I’m sure we could work something out. They aren’t doing anyone any good sitting in storage.

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Thanks a lot I will give you a shout if my source doesn’t go through. Like I said he said 225$ usd plus shipping. I find that fair .

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I consulted with my Automotive glass expert. The post 92 (inclusive) windscreen is a bit larger in both directions then the 91 and earlier windscreen. My deduction is that the increased size allows it to overlap the metal lip of the windscreen opening so that it can be glued in. My guess is that the earlier windscreen glass will fit with the earlier seal and vise/versa. Conclusion: the early and later versions are different.


I think you’ve hit the same conclusion as the No XJSes in 1981? discussion. The US model year is not a great way to source correct parts. I would guess it is the facelift change in 1991 that make the differences you see. Although the two models look quite similar, a large number of body panels were changed, no doubt necessitating a new windscreen.

Hmmm! My 93 has the rubber seal around my front windshield. I wonder when they actually started gluing them in instead. Maybe 94?

My wife’s '89 XJS Coupe windshield floated in the rubber gasket, but her '92 XJS Coupe Windshield has an adhesive (bonding?) it to the body metal windshield frame. I believe that adds rigidity to the body that the float in rubber design did not. The appearance of of the glued windshield is different in that it has the dark black dots around the perimeter of the windshield near where it is bonded to the metal frame. The “Glued” is trimmed out with a rubber surround and the finishing chrome trim. I assume all the facelift coupes have the same thing and maybe the same size windshield. I don’t know if the size, thickness, or composition of the windshield glass is different from the pre-facelift floating windshield. Does anybody have more information about this stuff?

Ah ok. I thought since it looked like rubber inside and out that it was the old style. My bad!

So yes, it’s glued in. My father in law has a XJS parts car and you can clearly see it’s glued because there is discolouration around the edge of the glass. In my research it looks like the earlier modems we’re floating around the gaskets, plus the later models 92+ plus were glued in.

FYI, I found a windshield shipped to me from the Netherlands 1500$ CAD.

The other garage I found in Northern California called https://www.petesautomotiveglasscenter.com/about-Petes-Auto-Glass.html said he has 2 windshields he can ship me he just needs to calculate the shipping costs.

Paul’s jaguar called me and he said he doesn’t send windshields anymore even in the original jaguar crates because they would get refused from insurance by the shipper. So they would often break.http://www.paulsjaguar.com/

Ill keep everyone updated on what I get and from where.

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Does anyone know if the face-lift convertible windshield is the same size (and shape - curvature) and will fit the face-lift coupe? There are a lot of used convertible windshields around, and not many from the coupe.- guess we don’t wreck as many coupes --.

Face-lift improvements for '92 in link below. Window Glazing on page 7, plus a lot of other information applicable to all face-lifts…


With our '92s (i.e. the face-lifts) didn’t Jaguar also go to a new (better) sealing system with the windshields? They might have had to make the actual screens a different size to accommodate that change, too. :thinking:

Wow. Mystery finally solved. :triumph: I always wondered what was up with those raised black “dots”, thought maybe it was some type of heating system for the glass. Thanks for de-mystifying that for me, Locker! :smile:

Yep, I’ve heard quite a few refuse to ship them b/c of that danger. :no_entry_sign: Reminds me of the sunroof panels for the XJ40s, X-300s, etc. … same reason. :frowning:

Yep. Always wondered what Jag meant by “direct glazing” technique (vs. “indirect glazing”?). :confused:

I had a look at the Jaguar Classic parts pages to try and figure out if there were common part numbers for coupe and convertible windscreens. There are a lot of possible part numbers and multiple succession trails to follow, I gave up when they threw tinted into the options list. I don’t see a reason why they would have a different windscreen between the two models, but Jaguar have previous history of not doing the obvious thing.

Think that’s bad and confusing, check out the listing of available models of windshields for the XJ8 saloon/sedan sometime. It has not only options for tinted, non-tinted, heated, non-heated, but also for whether the windshield includes the elements necessary for the “rain sensing feature” (option) that automatically activates the WW in rain! Talk about permutation-mania :crazy_face: