Looking for XJ40 front seat covers or complete seats: AEE Doeskin: where to search?


A friend asked me to look out for either a set of front seats for his 1994 XJ40, or for at least a correct AEE Doeskin seat cover. Its a kind of beige I think.

I checked Aldridge trimming in the UK, its 870 pounds a pair, plus VAT.

Any other sources ?


Try Paul’s Jaguar:
4073 NE 5th Terrace
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 33334
Phone 561-367-0525

No affiliation other than as a customer. It has been several years ago but I bought a complete leather interior for my XJ6/XJ40 from them.

Where are you and your friend located? Some vendors I’m aware of that will sell X40 seat covers include GAHH automotive and World Upholstery. I’ve used GAHH automotive for an XJS seat cover and was happy with the product. Search the forums for their names and you should see some reviews on them, as well as for Paul’s Jaguar. I’ve seen positive reviews for all 3 with regard to seat covers for older Jaguars.