Looking to buy 1966 V8 Daimler

Hi All,

My awesome wife and I have come across a 1966 V12, 2.5L automatic Daimler that we are interested in purchasing.

Just wondering if there are any gremlins/problems/issues we should be mindful of when inspecting the car.



You might be a bit disappointed when you can’t find the missing 4 spark plugs and cylinders :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I’m pretty sure what you are looking at is a V8
Basically all warnings for the MK11 Jaguar would apply here, the only saving grace being the Daimlers were more likely to be purchased by more careful owners than the contemporary Jaguars (less hooney)
Depending where it has lived will determine the amount of rust that is hiding under the paint. If there is a local Jaguar or Daimler club near where you live I would suggest getting in touch with them to see if someone would be willing to do a pre-purchase inspection.


oops - YES.

It’s an 8 not a 12.

I shall get to correcting that.