Looking to buy a dead 1995 XJR

Hi folks,

Apologies in advance for the broad n00b question but I am going to look at a non-running 1995 XJR and I wondered where the best place would be to start on this site or the internet to learn more about these engines. I have had multiple other, older Jags but not one from this era.

Some questions:

  • I haven’t seen the car yet but expect it will be OBD-I… correct? What are people using as code readers?
  • What are the common issues on the supercharged engine? This particular car has been sitting for a long time and probably has some corroded bits here and there. I will know more tomorrow.
  • Any particular go-to sites I should know about to edumacate myself? I assume the best parts places are the usual suspects?

Thanks in advance,

They are great cars but…Resto mod ? ,A piece to keep you busy?
I ask for a reason, it would cost you 100 grand for a 10 grand car done…
Watch , early motors and cam issues, rough idle but then cured later in 1995.
Heres how you know. Does your car have a GLOVE BOX or no .
Early non glove box cars were the issue cars early on.
The car is a bullet proof tank overall,less bling early on , then the public wanted more.
My 96 was over the top blue with oyster white interior, coffee dash pads with tan in between.
It put a Rolls to shame…
Good luck email or pm if you need some help, had many since new.

I had a 1995 XJR as a daily driver for many years. Great car in many respects, a real dream to drive, but it was by no means a pleasure cruise 24/7/365. It was still going strong at 171k miles when i sold it but the list of repairs along the way was…impressive.

I called it “The tormentor” :slight_smile: mostly because of many odd driveability issues over the years.

The USA versions, at least, were OBDII. But for '95 the system was not…um…fully developed. Nonsensical data streams/scan results, reluctance to set some DTCs but only too willing to set others for no reason that I could ever nail down. At the time I was using an Innova 3130 but surely things have moved on since then.

Common issues on the X300s include harmonic balancer delamination, coil failures, persistent high idle, wheel bearing failure, diff failure, radio failure, water damaged ECUs…off the top of my head.

When I sold mine some of the parts specific to the “R” model were NLA from Jaguar and, at the time, aftermarket support for scan tools that could reprogram/recalibrate the management system (after, let’s say, sensor replacement) were not commonly available…at least not in the DIY price range.

I wasn’t sorry to see mine go although it was a sweetheart to drive.

I went back to an older model Jag



Comprehensive as always, but you forgot that 99% of the clocks never work! They can be rebuilt though for about $90.00! Yes, my 95 VP is OBDII. PS I’m getting close to listing my MINT 97 VP with only 37,000 miles!


I had mine rebuilt as well.

And let’s not forget cracked exhaust manifolds.

Somewhere I have a list of all the repairs I made to mine. Quite a few were minor but a diff failure at 77k miles wasn’t expected, nor the balancer delamination.

In fairness I must say that a lot of the repairs were well after 100k miles. And the engine itself was still healthy as a horse even at 171k miles.

The X300s are often regarded as among the best cars Jaguar made. And I pretty much agree. But age and miles take a toll on any car and the gloss fades. And, like many older Jags, many don’t get very good care and upkeep.


Your offer of assistance is exceedingly kind… I will connect if I get pull the trigger on this one.

Anytime, The other guys brought up good points, BUT From what your describing you have a ways to go :slight_smile: GTJOEY1314NANYTIME

Heh heh… that’s what I call my new puppy. I have a few extra choice words for my other Jags.

This is Truth. The fellow who is selling it has been tinkering with it for 2 years and couldn’t get it to run for more than a few seconds. I will get the rundown of things he has done and report back to this thread.

The last bloody thing I need right now is another project but this one is exceedingly tempting… as my mother used to say, my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

This one is a definite possibility: it sat outside in Vancouver, BC for years. The guy has been trying to get it to run for 2 years. Methinks it won’t be easy to find a replacement XJR ECU…

In the end…If its to big after you get it…Take the front bonnet, leaper and mesh grill and bolt it to the garage wall!
Those three pieces are jewelry.
:slight_smile: gtjoey1314


Ooooooooh… I like this idea.

So, for those keeping track at home: I visited the car today and verified that

  1. it turns over at about 100-150 rpm on the tachometer. It seemed slow to me but we were using a series of crappy batteries that he had lying around plus a battery charger.
  2. New CPS… and Andy Bracket!
  3. Interior is MINT. I REALLY liked the interior.
    3.5) Exterior is poo. Paint needs a polish and it has crusty rear arches… rare to see so much rust out here in BC. There were a couple of dents and bumps over the whole of the body.
  4. ECU area was dry and it didn’t smell wet at all inside.
  5. Engine bay was clean and dry, no leaks.
  6. No glove box… 94/11 build date with OBDII connector
  7. Hand held scanner revealed no codes
  8. New fuel pumps and fuel tank. He claims good fuel pressure at the rail but I could not verify.
  9. He claims spark at the coils but I did not verify.


  1. Is it common for the idle air controllers on these things to crap out?
  2. Does a functioning gauge cluster and tachometer indicate a good ECU or just that parts of the ECU are good?
  3. I noticed that the headlights and all the running lights light up as soon as the key was turned to the on position… and they stayed on while cranking. This seems very counterintuitive to me but maybe it is normal?
  4. Are these injectors known to clog up after having been left for awhile? I bet he tried to start it on 8 year old gas…

I think this car is worth having a go at for the right price but would love to hear what my wise peers have to say on the topic. Fire away!


Well you got bitten by the bug!
Here’s how an x300 GETS you…
ITJUST A SEXY CAR, THE REAL DEAL…I too ran into an x300, the interior puts you in a peaceful mood, not painful mood.
Lets look at simple things…Follow the GROUND wire to the body,sometimes they really crude up, making spark impossible or hard to crank.
Your cranking but is your fuel pump fuses okay?
Look in front of the engine, make sure the crank sensor and all al plugged in OR unplug them and replug to get off crud.
Make sure WATER didnt get in the tank open gas lid see if crud is blocking the drain…
Start with that or put the car in neutral ands ee if she sparks, you have an early car.
Good luck
pm anytime