Looking to buy XJS 6cyl convertible

Looking to buy XJS 6cyl convertible with 60,000 or fewer miles in New England area. Driver. Not show car. Minimal to 0 issues. Thank you.


I’m attaching myself to the topic, also willing to find one like that, especially in reference to quote above. Don’t wanna buy it, just wanna see it and start to believe…

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No relation.

Theres a 95 on ebay right now in Massachusetts!

Don’t know what you’d be willing to pay, but would a 25-30 year old car like how you describe it really exist? Seems like a tall order to me, good luck, though.

It’s for my bro and his wife. My bro hates forums/social media, etc. So helping him out. He is OK with the regular replacements (wires, etc.) just doesn’t want a project car (meaning one being dumped with issues just starting, etc.) He’s helped his father in law work on old triumphs, etc. and owns a classic motorcycle. Me personally, know how to put air in the tires, so wish them luck as well. Thanks!

did you look into the one on eBay?

Yep, see it. Thanks.


It’s time to help your brother.
Grab him by the shirt and sell him a massive slap, you will see blazing confusion in his eyes for a fraction of the second. This is the moment - don’t wait and sell another slap before his anger kicks in.

This is not the car for changing spark plugs etc. This is an ultimate never-ending project. You will start from changing wires and accidentally noticing that everything between front and rear bumper must be also replaced.

You need to be ready for it, have few sheds full of tools and salvaged parts, preferably sheds made out of rubber/with planning permission for additional elevation.

You need to have skills and be ready to solve the problems by yourself and be pervert enough to suck satisfaction out of it, regardless of kids saying “we hate your car”, “daddy crawl out from under it we miss you”, regardless of invoice for divorce solicitor already paid by your wife.

These cars are rotting from inside
These cars are way too heavy for the top speed
These cars are cornering like blacksmith’s anvil on the swing in children’s playground
There cars are not for the people willing to change the consumables only
These cars in some countries are usually driven by pedophiles
These cars are made out of British sheet metal
These cars needs continuous preventive maintenance

Maybe it would be wise to consider something epic - like:

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser with 4.0 diesel…
  2. Nissan Safari (Patrol) TD42
  3. Toyota Celica Supra 2.8
  4. Mercedes W124 OM606
  5. Nissan Pulsar GTiR

Just saying…


I like how you slipped in the pedophile comment. I’m not sure it’s gonna beat out conversion vans with “FREE CANDY” signs…

I’m with Janusz on that one Ghost… unless you find a top top example with all issues resolved (very rare and probably quite expensive) it’s not the right choice of car.
Something like a Mercedes W124 or BMW 5 series might be more advisable…but even then they will need much more attention that just changing wires.

You can cross off the BMW. Specialty parts and specialty tools needed.

They are wonderful cars to lease.

I think the car to look at is a 2002 Lexus SC 430, if you don’t mind the styling probably the most reliable car(s) on the planet.

Best post response ever, I’m either going to have to shoot myself or sell my XJ-S!