Loose Vacuum Hose 73 XJ6

There is a small diameter black rubber air hose protruding from the firewall directly above the brake booster. The hose is about 18” long and connects to another short hose (12”) that hangs from the hose rack on top of the fender. That hose is not connected to anything.

Any idea where it should connect?

On another issue that may be related, I washed the engine compartment before this happened and the turn signals stopped working.

Thanks Lou

The vacuum hose has nothing to do with turn signals, Lou - but washing the engine compartment may be a joint result…

The heater system uses vacuum; have you checked if there is a hose connected to the vacuum tank - the loose end may belong there…?

xj6 85 Sopv Europe (UK/NZ)

The only hose in that area is for the screen wash fluid.


And it was in fact the hose that connects to the window washer fluid tank…