Loose Washer Jet

OK, no response to my first post, so I’ll try a different approach.
How do I access the clamp (arrow)to tighten the windshield washer jet. I am unable to reach it from under the dash.


On my 120 OTS it’s buried behind the dash and the defroster vent box. I see no other means of reaching it, no access holes except a few small ones for wiring.

If loose, how about working a dab of silicone sealer around the edge and put some weight on it for now?

Yeah. Dash out to tighten, unfortunately.

In the photo above, is the threaded tab for securing the jet upside down?

Has to be.

I’m not sure if the tab is upside down, I haven’t been able to get to mine. That was a photo off the internet.
Mitchell - what does the 18,19, 20 refer to?
Always amazed at how the smallest of details require the most time.

i like temp epoxy fix here.as they are a hand killer, must remove dash then inevitable rust spot and on ots only good for cooling your hair off or a little ice coating?

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Alan, I don’t know about an XK140, but it is possible to tighten or replace a washer jet on an XK120 OTS without fully removing the dash. I did it some years ago. You’ll need to remove the thin horizontal trim panel directly below the leather crash roll and also lower the center instrument panel to a horizontal position as if you are servicing the instruments or instrument wiring.

With horizontal trim panel removed, there will be a thin slot where you can look in and see the threaded fastener bar on the underside of the washer jet. (In your photo, the threaded fastener bar is upside down.) With the center instrument panel lowered, you can reach the brass T that connects the rubber tubing to each washer jet. Disconnect the rubber tube that goes to the loose washer jet.

Now you will need to fabricate a long thin tool to reach into the slot below the crash roll to grab onto the threaded fastener bar. One idea is a piece of metal about the size of a hack saw blade with a cut-out in one end to fit over the threaded fastener bar. Then you can hold the fastener bar securely while someone else twists the washer jet until it is tight and in correct alignment. Then re-connect the end of the rubber hose to the brass T.

If you need to replace a washer jet or its rubber tubing, use the tool you made to hold the threaded fastener bar while the washer jet is completely unscrewed. Withdraw the washer jet and rubber tubing - but leave the tool in place that is holding the threaded fastener bar. Renew the rubber tubing on the washer jet, then reinstall through the body and through the threaded fastener bar. Tighten the washer jet while holding the fastener bar with the fabricated tool. Connect the new rubber hose to the brass T.

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Thanks for your helpful responses.