Losing power stalls out

we just installed a new fuel filter, no change in running.1994 6.0 litre convertible. stalls out barely firing … I thought fuel filter… , still after warming up cutting out, gauges all go down as engine stops…

Have you ever changed the spark plugs?

And I’m curious as to what gauges drop.

What happens to the fuel pressure when the engine dies ? I am not sure how to hook up a fuel pressure gauge in the 6.0 but if this happened to any of my EFI Jaguars my first suspect would be fuel delivery problems.


the engine revs like crazy and eventually stalls out, volt meter goes down… how come it says from Jerry Mouton… the Jerry I knew dies a few years back…

me also, but no provision for that as far as I know.thats why I replaced the filter… which I myself with my lungs could not blow through…!thx Paul…

Volt meter, oil pressure should go down…the engine is not running or not running well. Does the rest of the gauges fail?

I mentioned the spark plugs because the gaskets can dry and shrink over time. It’s possible that you have a fair amount of oil in those cavities, which could cause stalling problems.

The TPS as well would cause problems, but not like you’re mentioning. It’s worth looking at though. Could be full of oil as well.

Any smoke? Have you checked the coolant temp sensor?

I don’t know the 6 liter that well, but from what little you say - it starts fine? But revs too high? And then suddenly stalls?

Could be a vacuum leak, the ecu compensates by enriching the mixture, causing a stall?

Could also be any of the sensors giving bad data to the ECU. Kirby mentions CTS. You also have a TPS, CPS, and what else?

I misread the original post! 6.0 = V12. Not my area of expertise. Good luck to you.