Lost power to my radio 1988 XJSC

I suddenly lost all power the the radio on my 1988 XJSC. Any suggestions where the power source may be?

Check fuse panel as indicated in your driver’s handbook…there is another fuse built into the top of the radio chassis but not sure what it controls…,.also does the light come on at all on the faceplate.

Yes faceplate lights and security lights come on. Just not powering on. where is the fuse your referring to located? thanks you much appreciated

Look it up… type in… radio fuse…then mark the box by xjs category and then search…many articles

Also does it want a code…if faceplate lights it probably has power

Previously had code. Which I used. Radio was working fine then just suddenly tuned off. Now no response. So fuse or power issue. I need to find the radio fuse.

Attached is a picture of the area beneath the ski slope in my wife’s 1990 XJ-S convertible with what I believe is the fuse holder with the 2A radio fuse circled in yellow. It is up front in the right corner roughly beneath the climate control mode selector knob. The wire is red. I have no idea if this is the same in a 1988 but it is a place to start looking.


Try this…[xj-s] Radio memory feed fuse, where is it?

Thank you Paul. I appreciate it

Thanks I will check it out. I appreciate it