Loud s/s mufflers/silencers from Bell in England

I had these, JR 39 and JR 40, installed in a 150 a few years ago. Never liked them as they were too loud and did not make the right noise.
Today I fitted a newly made pair (here in Seeden, and they made a great difference.
Not in mild steel as I wanted, (the shop only does s/s systems), but this shows that s/s exhaust products can be well made.
The Bell mufflers are now in a recycling bin😅

I installed a Bell set on my '66 E-Type. I spent 2 hours cutting 7/8" out of the downpipe and reshaping the first bend.

I’ve instaled Bell systems on each of my MGAs, TD, TC, Spit. The Jag setup is awful.

I’ve gotten a setup for the 120 from Double ‘S’ (from XKs). Haven’t opened the box yet.

Hi Peder,

Sure. I am glad I still have all four silencers in my XJ6C (manual +OD) NOS mild steel. I like the sound a lot. It’s a quiet and low rumble, very nice.

I even got a pair of NOS main silenceers from Austria on e-bay, but they turned out to be for an XJ!2, i did not realize from the photos. But I sold them to a friend who has two XJ12C’s (one of them a project, unrestored, unmolested car, but that will need everything). Problem solved"

But it’s getting difficult to get “decent” exhausts, I had to get a stainless Y-pipe from Bell for the same XJ6C as the old mild steel Y-pipe was beyond repair and I did not feel like starting to experiment on welding and bending my own exhaust pipes, although some friends of mine, with whom I share garage space, are all into their modified retro classics with large turbos, intercoolers and all the associated piping!

I am sure there must be exhaust shops that would still do this work, but it was just easier for be to buy that pipe from Bell, although again, sitting it was not easy (it tended to foul on the structural beam of the floor body.).