Low brake pressure won’t go away

Low pressure warning on all the time, key on , engine run , rev up , no change. Brake pedal rock hard, hard to stop , mashed on brake and mineral bottle green pushed out some! Resv is full dot4 , no leaks can see, help can’t drive! Xj6 1989 3.6

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Good luck!

Sounds like the pressure is not building up in the sphere. I think the 89 has the engine driven pump?
First off would be to remove the sphere and check if the diaphragm is still holding charge. You can do this by inserting a blunt probe into the sphere.

Where is accumulator bulb at? Box , on pass side, ?

You are looking for item number 5 in this diagram. I’m not sure if the ‘89 is on the pedal box or located further forward behind the headlight

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5 is what part? , thought was told was the bottle loses its seal , and replace bottle .

Big round thing at the top is #5, the accumulator

My 89 has the sphere by the a/c compressor undermeath.

hope this helps.

I had a feeling the ‘89 was some place other than the pedal box but couldn’t bring up a diagram or photo.

Ok on the lower Ac area, how is it dismounted? And put blunt into bulb itself? Opening once off? If holds should be like hard balloon? Springy ? Low pressure would come up but sudden no brakes , one time felt pedal of brake , mush but came back, . Any one have a good bottle accumulator? Someone needs make u tube vid, NONE OUT THere FOR JAG!!