Low oil pressure and clouds of blue smoke when driving just 30 moh

(peder) #1

My maroon 420G had its engine rebuilt by VSE about 5 yrs ago. Has performed brilliantly in all respects until recently. First the Pertronix ignitor died. I replaced it, and now have a problem with the AED/hisser which won´t come off by itself or me turning the ignition off and quickly, as I always do.
What´ s more, the idle went up to 1800 even with the hisser turned off by pulling the wire. I then drove it a mere 3 min, with tons of blue smoke clearly seen through the mirror. I then saw the oil pressure gauge, which has always showed max/60 when cold, just pointing at 20-30.
At low speed, getting the dar back into the garage, it showed just 10.
What the hell is going on…?

(Paul Wigton) #2

Eeek… sounds like the crankcase has filled With petrol!

Drain it, refill, and see if that doesn’t bring the pressure back up.

(tony) #3

this happened to my 420G, just another reason to hate on the ASC

check the oil dipstick, if its way overfull, that will be the culprit

In my case, I did have a manual switch, just forgot to turn it off

the OP sender is a wretchedly unreliable item as well