Lower ball joint kit for series 2

Has anyone had any success in assembling the lower ball joint kit? It seems that when put to together the .004- .006 clearance is not possible rendering the ball socket immovable. Any tips or techniques appreciated. Bob

The best advice I can offer is to replace it with the later “sealed for life” unit used on the XJ6.

Lemforder is the preferred brand.



I second that recommendation.


You’re supposed to adjust them with shims on the old style ball joints as on the Mk 7.

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Yes. Fit a new nylon ball socket then fit shims to permit movement. The nylon ball socket fits into a recess in the upper half IIRC. Did it a while ago an a friend’s S1. Mine has ‘sealed for life’ units made by TRW.

I third it: a VERY good ipgrade.

I rebuilt mine with NOS kits my dad had in the garage. IIRC the kit came with shims which I added until the joint could be moved by hand with a very firm feeling.

Finally got it to work there was a burr preventing the spigot from seating in stub axel carrier. I removed all burrs and put the spigot in the freezer. Put a little antifreeze around the rim and used a 1 1/4” socket to hammer down to the inside lip of the axel carrier.