Lower control arm R & R X308

I’m looking to change the lower ball joint by changing the lower arm. I did this about ten years ago and I think I did it w/o removing the coil spring. Has anyone the experience of doing this with just a coil spring compressor and the spring in place?

You can install the coil spring compressor and leave the front arm in situ.
Just remove the rear arm and replace (or the ball joint if you can get aftermarket).

I leave the front arm bolted to the spring pan. Be sure to mark the eccentric bolt for position and reset the CAMBER (castor and toe) when you get it back together.


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Thanks. I don’t remember an eccentric bolt. Where is that?

The rear arm has the ball joint for the vertical link. The inner fulcrum is also the camber adjuster.

The front lower control arm inner is the caster adjustment fulcrum.

Jaguar refers to them as ‘Adjuster Bolt-Front Crossbeam-M14’ part number JZB100098

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