Lower fulcrum shaft Lower pivot bolt torque gives a broad range

1989 XJ6
Front Suspension

In Jaguar Parts Catalog referred to as the Lower fulcrum shaft some call it Lower pivot bolt connects lower A arms and Fulcrum TIE BAR to sub frame

Book is not the clearest on torquing it they state:
LOWER WISHBONE TO FULCRUM SHAFT (data from XJ6 Vol 3 page 60-19)
listing 43-68Nm (converted its 32-50 Lb/ft) with 2 asterisks and no explanation of the ** 2 asterisks and the wide torque range.
Anyone know why the torque range and what torque to set. Job was done last year replacing bushings and FULCRUM SHAFT NUT at front of car seem not very tight

Thanks to all, Brad
1989 XJ6 3.6

Just go with the settings, Jaguar are happy with the range they have specified so why double guess them? Have you checked what the fulcrum shaft is tightened too at the moment? ‘Doesn’t seem tight’ is not very scientific.