Lower Radiator Hose - S1 4.2 Question

Good afternoon all… I’m in the process of trying (trying) to get my lower radiator hose installed. I bought the 3-piece config from one of the usuals (stainless hardline with separate rubber hose ends). I just can’t seem to get the radiator and water pump ports aligned? When I bought the car, it had a single rubber hose btw the radiator and water pump. Anyone have success here or do you recommend trying to find a single rubber line? Thanks Nick

I think @Michael_Frank has the part number for the single-piece lower hose.

I guess the bigger question is if the PO installed a different radiator at some point? As can be seen below, my radiator lower outlet does not seem to cant upward as shown on several original part photos? Mine essentially cants inward but not upward. Do you think I have the wrong radiator here? Thanks Nick

In case it helps for reference here is original radiator from my 68. I replaced it with another brass one that looks just the same but has 7 more rows of tubes. It was quite a struggle getting the 3 piece lower hose back in place. I wrote down Gates 22082 or Delco 22294M from a post here a few years ago for a 1 piece substitute and that must cut 2 inches from one end.

68 E-type FHC

I recently had to reattach my hose. I ended up removing the radiator bolts and moving the radiator forward to get the hose on and then wrestling the radiator back in place.


Next to wrestling with the radiator hose is this rotten job…… what you need is the body of a 20 yo and the cunning of a 70 yo……
Lots of swearing and rubber grease helps but still took about 2 hours

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Well, it certainly looks like from David’s picture, I have some sort of Frankenstein Radiator as the fitting does not angle upward… Another question - does the hose go under or over the top of the sway bar. I still have my 1-piece old one and it certainly has a mark where it went under the sway bar. With David’s picture, I’m thinking that the intent is to have the hose go over the sway bar correct? Thanks.

I once spent an hour getting the bottom hose clamp on on a customer’s car. It’s just a tricky job.

I agree your radiator pipe looks wrong.

Ok so here are come pictures that might help

Thanks Danny, yep, the hose goes over, not under, the sway bar… As I thought, the hose assby I have won’t work with this radiator… I guess plan B… use the old hose and radiator until I get things running and can adequately flush the system, then go with a new radiator that will match the new hose assembly.

Hi Andrew, the problem is not the pipe or radiator, the hoses available today are not large enough diameter. I installed a NOS hose and it almost fell into place. Funny how a still pliable 50 old rubber hose is still serviceable. So I have a stash of them, but not one has ever failed on my 2 E types.

I recall reading that the reason for the metal insert on the lower hose is to prevent the hose from collapsing at higher speeds/rpms as it is the suction side.
IIRC it was one of Franks posts……

An internal spring prevents that, and a one-piece hose eliminates two possible sources of leaks.


Agreed, with the added benefit of less chances for leaks. The factory used the metal connector.

Yes, I’ve always found it a bit difficult to get them all to be leak free when first assembled. Go, find which one drips and tighten more.

When I redid my cooling system 15 years or so ago I bought silicone hoses for the lower hose assembly (can’t remember from who) which are much more flexible than rubber, and are therefore way easier to install. Have had the radiator out a couple of times in the last 5 years or so, and the hoses are as flexible as ever.

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Where do you buy an internal spring for the single radiator hose?

Here’s one source.

and another

No dimensions listed but they could probably tell you if you called them.


OK, I found he correct lower one piece radiator hose for my 70 S2 on Amazon. For future reference it is a Gates number 22082 and it came with a spring already inside.

Thanks All, Joe