Lower Shock Absorber Bush for xj40, 1992

I have a problem with lower bush in rear absorbers, they need replacement, but according to the data I poses there is no original replacement. Do you know if there is an alternative solution? I dont want to buy new shocks just because there is a bush issue. Pls help.

I am open for mods, etc. If you have any ideas for modifications / use of smth which just fits and does the job, it will be great too.

I replaced mine in the front and used a EURO part from RockAuto had a tough time pressing them out… make sure the through bold fits the bushing with minimal play my lower bolt must have been replaced as lower bolt was a sloppy fit and old bush and new bush identical specs.
ÜRO PARTS Jag part number = CAC75851 URO # = URO005308 — cheap and work well
Good luck

but problem is in REAR absorber, not FRONT…

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Buy new shocks. If bushes are worn, shocks probably near buggered as well.

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Artur …

Your car is three decades old. Do you know in fact how old the shocks are?

thank you all for support…

no, I dont know, thats why decided to buy brand new shocks.

  • KYB Gas A Just 551057

hope they are a good fit