Lower steer column nylon rollers

I recently replaced these, and found the old & new parts had different dimensions.

wasnt totally unready for this, alerted by this forum

my question relates to the ID of the rollers, and how they fit upon the hardened steel shaft they ride on

        ID      OD    WIDTH  (inches)

NEW .488 .866 .492
OLD .501 .900 .484

there was about .010 of slop where the ID ran on the shaft with the old one, these are quite old, and this did not seem right, but the new ones were an interference fit by about .002"

this means they did not rotate upon the steel pin, so i honed them with a fine chainsaw file until they would just rotate.

is this correct?

issue being when i installed the unit, I observed that one roller does rotate upon the pin, but the other i must not have honed enough, as it still appeared to be bound upon the shaft in normal operation.

if advised I will take it apart again and hone the roller a little more


From memory (Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures, and either I reused my old rollers or the new ones fit) the rollers do (need to) rotate on the pin. The pin is tapered, so you might get away with swapping the two rollers around.

Hi Tony, the rollers I used were internally correct - running well and rotating snugly on the pins. My issue was the external dimension were incorrect - pared with emery paper on lathe - per earlier post. Expect that if you have them “just rotating” that they will “wear in”. If you’re doing the lower uni as well you might find that you have to "thickness"the circlips to get them to drop into their recess. Joys of aftermarket parts! Paul