Lower timing chain seems tight

Hi all,
I am in the process of a full engine rebuild for my 59 MK2 3.4

I have purchased new timing chains, upper and lower (the one piece uprated type) and chain tensioner/guides from Barretts

All installed ok but the lower timing chain seems to have very little slack.
Counted the links and it’s 41 which seems correct.

Should I be worried or am I over thinking it and assume that as everything is new and it’s all good?

Thanks in advance

So long as there is even a tiny bit of slack, you’re golden.

It will stretch in time !

I also have just done a rebuild and the lower chain got me very worried as it was very tight, the lower tensioner was moving less than 1/8th , no worries now as the engine runs fine.

Thanks all. I am reassured and will progress with valour :grin:
Onto the next question no doubt.
Sumo and head next.