Lower timing chain tensioner

I have this tensioner and was wondering if it’s suitable for a Jag XK engine. It’s a Reynolds brand, not the Rolon that’s known to fail. It’s something I had from my MGB days. I know it’s standard knowledge to use the French made Jag tensioner in the MG engine. I may be going into my engine to reseal a few things and wondered if I decided I need the lower tensioner replaced if this would be OK to use. I only have 28000 miles on my car and all looks fine from the top while checking valve clearances. Just in case I would use this item. Any info appreciate.

That looks like the good one.

Can we see both sides? Just wondering what the drilling and connection to the oil gallery looks like

I know its different. I would use the heel only.

if you are only using the heel then no problem assuming its all compatible.

No locating dowel…interesting.

I bought one of these from my Jaguar dealer under the heritage program - overnight out of the warehouse in Melbourne about four years ago. All good but no locating dowel. Turned one up, as it also locates the filter cone. No dramas. The heel really must have the “returns” that go over the end of the steel foot to have any chance. Pictured one does, of course. Paul.

Hi all.
I’ve been following a number of topics on jaglovers regarding timing components and it seems that the general consensus is that the new repro stuff (specifically the rolon gear) is not worth taking a risk with.
Original, undamaged parts appear to be the way forward from the comments i received a few days ago.
I’m just glad that i found this forum and read everyones advice before starting the re-build of my engine. The knowledge of other more experienced members is much appreciated by us newbies to jaguar ownership. Thanks to you all.
Shame nothing can be done about the poor quality parts that are being sold…

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