Lower Wishbone Sealed Ball Joint

Hi Folks,

I have a sealed ball joint to fit into the stub carrier and the lower wishbone. I have read that there is a “ring” or “seat” in the carrier that has to be removed to allow the ball joint to fit. There is what appears to be a seat that protrudes above the surface of the carrier. The fit is so good it has the appearance of being a part of the carrier, rather than a seat that can be removed. I’ve attached a pic where you can see the “seat” protruding above the carrier surface if you look carefully. Is this the “seat” that must be drifted out to allow the sealed ball joint to fit? If so, it appears I would drift it out from the bottom and up and out at the top surface in the picture. Could someone please confirm I need to drift this piece out, before I make my next mistake?

All replies appreciated!!


Just tap on it and will will fall out through the bottom…JS

Thanks, Jeff!! I needed to be reassured before I did any damage.

Yup, a couple of taps and out she fell! Thanks again, Jeff!

You can use the old ball joint to tap it out downwards