Lowering an xj12

I want to lower my xj12 more than it is already and I’m wondering where I can get some springs for it.

I’ve cut springs before and they rode perfectly but this car has old and tired springs so maybe cutting new springs is one option.

Is it possible to put coilovers on these?

Why don’t you just remove the springs and put rocks in there, cause thats what the rides gonna feel like when it keeps bottoming out.


Yo Jabreen, ya wanna slam that sucka down tuda weeds , sweet ! Why stop there?

Seriously though the trouble you’ll have to deal with is the clearance between the top of the tires and the wheelwell with the springs fully compressed. Obviously you can drop a car as low as you like but that involves some MAJOR body surgery. Of course you can always just put on a really small set of tires :smile:

Idk what you guys are talking about.

Many folks are running their xj40s lowered with no issues including me.

Looking into getting air ride…

Your front end on the XJ81 12 is a helluva lot heavier than the XJ40’s 6 so maybe it would tend to bottom out if you lowered it even more than you already have?