Lowering the hood?

(NaplesGuy) #1

Hello all,

As I continue the process of learning the many idiosyncrasies of my newly acquired XK140 OTS, the other day I decided to raise the hood. Following the very limited instructions in my owner’s manual a half-hour later I think I got it correctly raised and snapped in place. Three hours later I still don’t think that I got it properly lowered because the frame sticks out too far behind the passenger seat so as to prevent it being flush with the back of the cockpit.

What an unwieldy piece of engineering…uh…I mean what a wonderful classic design…:slight_smile:

I know that I probably will not ever raise the hood again since my car will sit in its air conditioned garage when not being used but now I want to make sure I’ve got it properly stowed.

I’ve searched the usual places for a video of someone accomplishing this rather mundane task with no results. Perhaps someone here might have a link to something that could give me guidance?

Thanks as always for your help!

(Morris Barnett) #2

Proceed to your local Jaguar club annual car show and ask a fellow OTS owner. I have a 150 OTS and its going to very difficult for someone to describe by E mail.