LS3 restomod near completion

XJ6 Series 1 – The interior is now complete: a new contour burl dash, touch button shifter, digital instrumentation, flip screen entertainment unit, much more.

Details here.

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1972 XJ6 Series 1 with Chevy LS3 (430 HP) transplant.

Howzabout some engine room pix?


Tons of photos and commentary at including engine bay detail and a video of the first engine start and lots of technical details on suspension, brakes, electrical, A/C retro, push button shifting, etc.

What an outstanding job resulting in a great car, in any way one looks at it


Thanks Carl for the very kind comment.


Wow! You have done a phenomenal conversion, modification and restoration! I’m sure it goes as well as it looks. Enjoy!

Hey, Bob, where you been ??? Indeed, that is one fine car…

Mine still runs, cccasional hissy fits, but as of now, purr…

But, ugh, PITA SMOG test due…

Your Jaguar ???

A teeny off topic victory. used a Jaguar technique!!!
electric can opener bit the dust. It was a lousy design in any event. Shopped for another. No buy. Various reasons, including clerk at store.

Dug out a pair of manual ones. Neither worked…
The better one with big wings for handles… A couple of drops of sewing machine oil on one cog. freed it up, works so much better. Not worth messing with an electric. Opened a can of oysters, and had one of my favorites. Fried oysters and eggs… Life is good…



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This XJ6 S1 LS3-powered Restomod now has its own bespoke Owner Handbook. You can read the first 30 pages here.