LT77 5 speed Transmission?

I’m kicking the idea around to put a LT77 transmission in my Mk2 build. I have an adapter plate to install a Jag bellhousing. I had a lead on a few transmissions. I think as long as I’m not thrashing it will be fine as they were used behind the Rover V8 as well as some late XJ6s. I have been looking for a reasonable priced (under 2k) or so option and I think it’s possible. I know there’s other transmissions out there, but $5-9k is nuts!

Option B is to build one of my moss overdrive boxes (least desirable) . If I could come up with an xj6 box that would be super, but unlikely.

Inputs welcome.

Disregard this post. I’m just going to use the two moss od transmissions and spares I have to build the best transmission I can and just Live with it. Thanks

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About the LT77, this is the worst gearbox I have even had.
I tried 2 different ones in my XK150, they were horrible.

I have experience with them in two TR7s and aTR8. The only thing I can say is, the shifts feel slightly vague.

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I kind of have to concur: they worked OK in the TR7/8, but were downrated from the Rover V8 box.

They had a fiber oil pump gear that would destroy itself pretty regularly, and then the box would go to hell. Not the best thing they ever came up with.

That’s what I’d do. I like the OD, and the 3 synchro box is quite liveable.