Lubrication of the bearings on clutch pilot shaft

Hi All:

Having removed, had rebuilt and reinstalled the Moss box on my 1953120DHC this past summer I noticed a bit of movement in the clutch pivot shaft while adjusting the new clutch. Removal of the shaft on Christmas day (well, social isolation meant no family visiting so…) revealed that the bearings (C3255) were showing signs of wear as was the shaft itself (C4035). Hardly surprising after 67 years and countless thousands of shifts and yes, I probably should have done this while the box was out, but we all know about hindsight. While currently awaiting replacement parts I wonder what the listers do regarding the lubrication of these bearings? The manual identifies a boot to retain grease that fits over the cup attached to the bell housing for the inner one and ‘O’ rings to do the same for the outer one. Does one simply coat them with grease prior to refitting on the shaft and if so any particular shade of grease? Also, should there be any ongoing lubrication done at specific intervals? The old one had the hardened remains of what appeared to be chassis grease on it when I got it out. Thanks.


Yes, I just loaded up the rubber boot with chassis grease, same with the spherical bearing on the other end where it passes out from the chassis, where there should be two o-rings to sort of keep the grease in and dirt out.

I like to mention this whenever the subject of clutch linkage comes up, that on LHD 120 and 140 where you have that big coil spring on the shaft, there should be two big flat washers, one on each end of that spring. If you pull out that shaft, the one inside the chassis rail often falls off and gets lost or is not known about. It’s purpose is to be a bearing surface, so the end of the spring doesn’t dig in to the welded bushing in the chassis.


Thanks. Yes, it was your cautionary note in earlier posts regarding the inner flat washer that allowed me to remove the shaft without dropping said item inside the frame rail.


If my memory is correct, the shaft is hollow (small drilling) and both the shaft and pedal have holes for oiling the bearing. The one on the pedal can be seen in one of the photos. Lubrication chart XK120 and XK140 calls for motor oil.


That is very interesting information, thanks. While cleaning the clutch pedal arm prior to painting I noticed (and cleaned out) a hole drilled through the base at an angle and wondered what it was for exactly. Now I see that it would allow oil to be fed through the arm directly onto the bearing itself. Similarly, once the old shaft was out I found the inner end (closest to the bell housing) was drilled hollow. Checking it now I find that the centre is drilled to a depth of some 3" and ends where a small hole is evident on the top of the shaft. This, obviously, allows one to apply oil which would then run along the drilled centre and out onto the bearing at the bell housing end of the shaft. Voila! Even after some 57 years of ownership, thanks to this Forum, I continue to learn new things about the car.


So where’s the aluminum spacer/ mount twixt lower bulkhead and chassis Rob ?:thinking:

Not on mine, all mine are rubber discs. Aluminum spacers were on later cars.

yes rubber pads 679112 had these terry

Rubber or aluminum where is it ?
679282 had / has aluminum BTW

Are you asking the demarcation point where aluminum blocks replaced rubber body support discs on the FHC?
Somewhere between my 679187 and your 679282, I guess.
I don’t recall that we ever established it more precisely than that.
XK120 body mounts 003