Lubrication on wiper wheel boxes and cable

I’m about ready to install the wiper mechanism. Can someone please tell me what lubrication to use on the wheel boxes and cable? Just getting my 53 dhc body back from paint shop and ready to start putting it all back together. Thanks for your help. John

Ordinary chassis grease is fine for this light load. No need for high pressure high melting point wheel bearing grease.

Grease. With molybdenum or without, just use what you have and don’t use it sparingly.

Dave and Rob Thanks so much. I’m on my way. John

John, I disassembled, every moving part of my XKE box including the turrets mounted on the top. I was surprised by the amount of congealed grease caked on shafts and spindles. I cleaned them throughly and put white lithium grease on them, It made a very noticeable difference in wiper speed. Mike Moore

Michael Thanks for your suggestion,.everyone is saying essentially the same approach so here goes!