Lucas 11AC Alternator disassembly question

Two of the three long bolts that hold the halves of the alternator together are of a style I’ve not seen before. It appears that the nuts holding them together require some sort of spanner to remove and the internal bolt is swaged? I don’t want to destroy these rather unique bolts if I don’t have to. Any recommendations as to best way to disassemble, or failing that a source for replacements?

Mine had bolts that took a conventional flat head screwdriver - looked original but could be replacements I suppose. Perhaps a few minutes on a grinder with an big old screwdriver would produce a tool that will engage those?

It appears that previous attempts , perhaps with a punch, were made to loosen them.

This is how I modified a flat head screw driver to work, mine had been peaned over too.

You could just cut them out and replace them with threaded rod with nuts on both ends

Thanks L.Lynn- I was hoping there was an existing tool in the box that would work but I modified an old screwdriver, peened the center bolt back into the center, and they came apart. Bill- cutting them was my backup plan, but I wanted to try to salvage the original parts. Thanks for the suggestions guys!