Lucas AB 14 amplifier connections

I’ve got a Lucas AB14 amp ( black with red ID label) it’s got four wires and an earth lead on it
There are two white wires with a grey spiral stripe. One a female and the other a male connector. The other two, one is plain white the other is white with a black twist ID.
Can anybody tell me if the grey ones are tachometer wires? And where the other 2 connect to? Does the black go to the positive side of the coil and the white go to ignition feed? Also, is this run in a ballasted system or is it permanent 12V?

The two wires with spiral stripes are to the tach and to the EFI ECU. The line to the EFI ECU is a common failure point.

The white and white/black wires go to the + and - terminals on the coil.

There are also two more wires, one red and one blue, that go to the pickup inside the distributor.

No ballast in this system. The AB14 amp automatically limits coil current.

– Kirby

Hi Kirby
Thanks a lot, you confirmed what I thought plus the fact that it’s not a ballasted coil is very helpful. I’m using it as a “ slave “testing kit
on my test bed,for one of the last Daimler Double six Vanden Plas to come off the line at Brown’s Lane .