Lucas C42 Dynamo/Generator Bush Bearing Failure

Hi Forum, The question is should I try to replace the bush bearing (see photos) and recondition the generator or upgrade to one of the look-a-like alternator options (Dynalite or Dynator)?
I see damage to armature shaft at the commutator end (bearing surface) and it appears to have rubbed against the field coils. There is also play in the ball bearing at the pulley end. Thoughts?

  1. Rebuild. Anyone know a supplier for the bush bearing etc?
  2. Buy a reconditioned one from one of the usuals. I’m cautious about quality of reconditioned parts.
  3. Replace with a look-a-like alternator and benefit from the extra amps. Dynalite or Dynator?

Colin (S1 FHC)

Assuming it electrically tests OK, the scored shaft could be turned on a lathe and and an undersize oilite bushing could be installed. The roller bearing is easily replaced. Do you have a lathe? If not, best to spend the money on a new one as the rebuild cost will add up. I am guilty of fixing instead of buying new…

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