Lucas CEI rebuild

Hello everyone, I just picked up a Lucas distributor from a car out of the junkyard for $35 bucks! I am going to rebuild it and use it on my project V12 so I can just control fuel with an MS3. I had a few questions on parts. does anyone know where to get seals for the ball bearing? or a new bearing with seals on it or where to get the original DZB105 rebuild kit? Also is anyone interested in me modeling the “thingy” in Fusion360?

EDIT: also anyone know where to get the thrust washer with the tang between he gear and body. I managed to snap the tang off accidentally

SOP is to machine the base to accept a standard lip seal instead of that oddball thing it came with.

It’s easy enough to replace the thingy with a flat washer, so I doubt if anyone will care for a reproduction.

That’s what I did. Turned out really well and can be easily serviced later if needed. Also used sealed type bearing. I used a simple copper washer instead of thingy. Was thinking about printing it as well, but it appeared that simple copper washer workd just fine.

Cool thanks for the reply’s. I am having a hard time finding a thrust washer with a proper tang. anyone know if I can substitute it with a thrust washer without the tang?

I dunno about no tang. Presumably the designer wanted to ensure that the motion was between the gear and the washer and not between the washer and the housing. Letting it spin might result in excessive wear on the bottom end of the housing.

There might be other ways to do it, though. You could use a simple thrust washer and install a flush head screw through it to keep it from spinning, if there’s enough meat there to thread a screw into.