Lucas Epitest Manual wanted (or just the D section would be good)

Hi, can anyone help? Best Keith

Hi Keith,

Hopefully you’re not mistaking this ‘system’ with anything modern, or worst - something that will give you an ultimate answer…

These “sytems” seems to be made as a remedy for obsolete company image and shrinking amount of Jag technicians with skills ("…hey, Japs have managed to change something since 70s") Step-by-step problem generator. Like playing classic card RPG for employees which are not yet up to a certain level or advanced employees not having time to look through all the issues /play the RPG with mentioned earlier. The amount of “additional” offset and black-box-interfaces with rat nests inside will be your guide…British version of Epipen to all your problems.

Have a look here:

I believe Michael Neal once described it as little more than a circuit tester.

Looks from the comments like nobody has any first hand experience.

Call or email Coventry Foundation for licensed copies of everything.

I had the Bosch version of this for their D-Jetronic used on the Porsche 914 and VW 411/412. It was a glorified VOM, that basically was harder to use than a VOM. It made an interesting conversation piece, but had no real practical value. I think I used it once, and went back to a VOM. It had a multigang rotary contact switch that was a devil to keep clean, so maintenance would be a constant issue.

My recommendation, forget it.

I have a tester and a manual for 12 and 6 cylinder cars.
I could maybe copy or scan them. I wish to keep them.
I’m not sure what D section is, the manual doesn’t seem to be laid out like that.
I found the tester to be useful, because unlike Mr Bywater and the guys here, I am not familiar with the V12 systems.
Let me know if I can help.

Hi Rob, I think I have found a manual section that I can copy, there should be a section for D Jetronic in your manual plus a K plus a P. Can I come back to you if I get stuck? I have used a friends tester for years and found it good to check resistance at each injector etc fairly quickly. Best Keith

PS I would still like the full manual if one becomes available.
PPS Many thanks for all the other replies.