Lucas Micos racing ECU for XJR5

Hi there,

I am looking for a litlle help with a LUCAS MICOS racing ecu I have.
My ecu was used for formula 2 with a 4 cylinder engine but all internals are for 12 cylinder engines prepared (12 injection drivers, 12 zener diodes etc.). I am now looking for an eprom bin of a Jaguar V12 engine like the XJR5 from Group 44 to give it a try on an 6liter V12.

Thank you very much for your help in advance


Some of the guys in the V12 section and XJ220 section may be able to help on this.


Thx mate I will give it a try

Look at our Zytek ECU thread (its very very long). There are files for an XJR15 there, but it’s for a Zytek ECU which uses ECU clock tick time in some unknown division to relate the numbers in the map to injector on time (for whatever injectors were used.). You can still get an overall idea of fueling shape vs load & rpm though.

~Paul K.

Thanks Paul

the Micos is somewhat simpler - it only does fuel no ignition that is why they later choose Zytek to make it simpler and better

cheers Nick