Lumping it the right way

Not my usual forum, but couldn’t resist posing this. I get sick to my stomach watching our cars get lumped with LS motors.

This was such a fun episode to shoot with the guys from Vintage Motorworks! A father and son team that work together specializing in British cars with a hotrod background. These guys are just cool and this Jag is badass!! I’m far from a Jaguar guy but this one sold me as we got sideways with total control. We’re going to be shooting more of the cars from Vintage Motorworks as these guys have built some very real deal cars quietly and consistently.

Well done, without obnoxious modifications (I’m looking at you Foose). Is it technically a lump if it has as Jaguar motor in it? :laughing:

I like it except for the metal pedals. They look like they could be slippery, especially with wet shoes, like after a rain. Not that I’d expect this particular car to see much rain.


It is clearly a series III, but is claimed to be a '69 that had a six cylinder motor.

Something smells rotten at the fish market in Denmark (or, however that saying goes).


“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.”

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Thanks Stu,
Enjoyed the video. I kept thinking why not just buy a Series 3 OTS.

I don’t think it is a series 3. Short doors with cappings, 3 wiper blades etc. It looks like it has had the bonnet modified to series 3 plus fender flares. I have not watched the whole video yet so not sure about interiorchanges.

Hmm. I believe Team CJ will gives you a very beefed up V12 for much less:

They can also do the other upgrades.


Yeah they describe the entire build. It’s a short wheel base tub with a S3 bonnet. Not sure if they fabbed the rear flares from scratch or cut/pasted them from the S3 donor car. It’s really not all that different from the Leno car built by XKs except a beefier engine and built over a S2 tub instead of a S1. It is a nice build though.

Drew… but probably not if they are to transform a '69 OTS to a SIII OTS. (Which is what they did from what I see).


“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.”

Physicist Niels Bohr

Would have been a LOT more fun to watch, had they not wasted so much effin’ time, videoing burnouts, clever, but overused rapid edits, and showed more of the mod work.

Then, with all that money, I cannot stop looking at what looks to be poor metal work on the bonnet: watch where the vid shows the underside of the power bulge.

I swear I see ripple, benty bits. I also am extremely doubtful of the 500 hp claim.

Leno’s was done better.

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yes, regarding foose. i realize he is dealing with clientele BUT, honestly! taking a decent car and gutting it is not on. and as for myself i prefer bone stock, the way it was dreamed of, designed and built,

Geoff – early on in the video, they explain the $300k for this build includes $100k to buy a 69 Series II and a Series III. They melded to two into a single car.